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Tabby Patterns

The four types of tabby patterns are:
has whorls ending in a target on the side of the cat
classic tabby cat pattern
have striped rings around their tail and legs, a collar of stripes on the front of their chests, and bands of solid or broken stripes running down the sides of their bodies. They will have the darker color in spots running in two lines down their tummies, sometimes called vest buttons. This pattern is the most common.
mackerel tabby cat pattern
has no lines, but what are lines in other tabbies are broken up into a number of spots.
spotted tabby cat pattern
has hair with distinct bands of color on them which breaks up the tabby patterning into a salt-and-pepper appearance. Residual ghost striping or barring can often be seen on the face, belly, and lower legs, and sometimes, at the tail tip.
agouti tabby cat pattern

The most distinguishing feature on a tabby cat is the M on their foreheads. Even the big jungle cats, like tigers, cheetahs, and ocelots have the M. There are many myths about why tabby cats have this mark.

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